Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Podcasting the Passion Week of Jesus

For our final unit in 8th grade Bible we have the opportunity to study the Passion Week of Jesus.  This year I wanted to experiment with our process of understanding the events leading to the crucifixion of Jesus.   To do this, we completed a unit long group project of podcasting.  
We are able to record the podcasts using audio-techica mics

How We Did it...

GarageBand is our Recording tool!
Students were tasked within their group of creating a news team that would be reporting live from Jerusalem during the Passover week.  Each day in class a report was presented to the class, a "State of Jerusalem" if you will, that presented the events of the city in relation to the "prophet" Jesus.  Students were required to retell the events of the day, investigate three questions that arose as they heard the report and analyze one element of the events that would help them come to a greater understanding of the day. 
For each of the 7 lessons, students would write out their word for word scripts, prepared for recording just in case.  Their scripts were written on Google Drive, which allowed me to give instant feedback on what they were writing.  This way there was no guess work on what was expected.  All of this information collected and created would be presented in a podcast that was recorded in class.  

The following recordings are some exemplars that were recorded live in class.  Enjoy!

Sunday Report by Podcast Infusion

Monday Report by R.E. 

Tuesday Report by Rise

Thursday Report by Brought to Light

Good Friday Report by Last Week

Good Friday Report by Emmanuel

Crucifixion by EPM Radio

Crucifixion by What Do You Think?

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